June 15, 2017



The International Conference on Cyberlaw, CyberCrime, and CyberSecurity (ICCC) is a unique event that takes place every year in New Delhi, India.

The Purpose of doing this:

  • To identify the emerging Cyberlaw trends and jurisprudence impacting cyberspace in today’s scenario.
  • To create far more awareness about the newly emerging kinds of cyber crimes that are impacting all stakeholders in the digital and mobile ecosystem.
  • To identify the areas in cyber crimes where Cyberlaw needs to be further evolved so as to meet the expectation and needs of the relevant stakeholders of the digital and mobile ecosystem.
  • To work in the direction of creating an international network of cyber crimes and cyber-legal law professionals which could then be an important voice in the further development of Cybercrimes and Cyberlaw jurisprudence across the world.

The International Conference on Cyberlaw & Cybercrime was aimed to look at the emerging legal, policy and regulatory issues pertaining to cyberspace and cyber crimes.

Cyber crimes are now beginning to impact corporates in their new avatar. What are the major international Cyberlaw and Cybercrime trends? What kind of new manifestations of cyber crimes are beginning to emerge that corporate need to be careful of? What international best practices need to be kept in mind by corporates for protecting themselves from being victims of cyber crimes? What kind of overall anti-cybercrime strategies do corporates need to have in place? These and a variety of other issues were sought to be addressed in the International Conference on  Cyberlaw & Cybercrime